Siomai House - Pasay City Mall

It's been more than a year since we started this franchise. Competition has been more aggressive lately. There's this Master Siomai right in front of us (Mall's rule was no duplication but obviously the admin can't impose its policy) and another lugawan placed beside us. Sales remained at level where it was last year on a monthly basis, have not for the competition we could have expectedly increased this year on at least 10-20 percent. Whatever little increase in sales we gained were negated by the rising cost of some operational expenses. But in all business is still good, thanks to some corner-cutting we did on electricity usage and crew shifting. Next month is August, the start of what is going to be a favorable season for malls, the "ber" months. We cross our fingers that mall traffic will increase and so with the spending power of consumers. We'll also hope that weather will remain just cloudy with no rain, or if there's rain no flood, so people can still enjoy our warm delectable siomai.

Lastly, bear this last quote:  "I just want to siomai love for you and hopia love me too!"

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