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December was a good start, we made record sales in Siomai House history (they said) for a new franchisee. Now that those Christmas bazaars in front of us are gone, sales went back to our first 5 day figures. Not bad for a start of 2009, when all these G/F spaces are now under construction for a grocery store, a pizza parlor and a Mang Inasal branch. We expect higher sales when all these are done and when the 2/F is 100% filled. With the economic downturn expected to hit us bad this year, we anticipate robust sales as more and more people will turn to affordable meals. We cross our fingers that pork and shrimp, our main ingredients, don't sell high. And so with our electricity bills, too. Anyways, our siomai just sells P25, ice cold gulaman at P8.

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